Let us pray for you

Your request may be edited for space or content and may be re-posted on our affiliate websites so people around the world may pray for your needs. If any or all of your request involves sensitive information that should not be published, note this in your request and it will only be sent to the pastors! Please contact us with any updates, as we are happy to share them as well.

Join others in prayer

  • Please pray for our brother Jessie, whose feet need a healing from the Lord. Oct 7
  • Please pray for Heather’s quick and complete recovery from surgery.
  • Please remember Malcolm’s family, as they mourn the passing of his grandmother. Sep 26
  • Please pray for Pastor Paine’s brother-in-law, Gary, and their families, as they mourn the unexpected passing of Gary’s wife, Janet. Sep 26
  • Please remember Jim in your prayers, as he searches for new employment. Sep 25
  • Please pray for Paul and his mother, who are both ill. We miss them when they can’t be with us! Sep 24
  • Please pray for Trish and her family, that their financial needs will be met. Sep 23
  • Please remember Scott in your prayers, for employment, shelter, and healing. Sep 18
  • Please pray for Bryan’s mother as she recovers from surgery. Sep 16
  • Please keep our faithful brother, Rich, in prayer. God knows just what needs to be healed. Sep 12
  • Pray for Mike H’s father, who has cancer. Sep 4
  • From Jeff: My request is that we glorify God together for the prayers that God has already answered, and we will see all of our prayers answered according to His will. My brother Buddy, both of my aunts, Linda and Judy, and my cousin Wil have all received a miraculous healing from Jesus!
  • William has asked for prayer for a special need and for a closer walk with Jesus, to always put Him first. Aug 14
  • Please keep Chris in prayer, to rebuke spirits of fear and anxiety that would steal him from his walk with God. Aug. 7
  • Bryan requested prayer for his wife Christy, who is having complications from hand surgery. Pray for a swift healing from God. Aug. 2
  • Please pray for Shiela as she begins chemotherapy treatments. Aug. 2