Let us pray for you

Your request may be edited for space or content and may be re-posted on our affiliate websites so people around the world may pray for your needs. If any or all of your request involves sensitive information that should not be published, note this in your request and it will only be sent to the pastors! Please contact us with any updates, as we are happy to share them as well.

Join others in prayer

  • Please pray for David’s friend Tammi, who needs salvation. Apr 3
  • Please remember our brother Ken, of the Great Lakes fellowship, who is in need of healing. Apr 2
  • Please pray for Anna Lisa as she battles Leukemia. Mar 31
  • Please pray for our General Pastor, Pastor Paine, who is being treated in the hospital for a blockage in his heart. Mar 26
  • Please pray for our brother Mike, of our Great Lakes fellowship, who is suffering from congestive heart failure. Mar 25
  • Please continue to pray for Rich Brand’s mother as she recovers from a car accident. Mar 24 
  • Please pray for a healing touch for Robin’s grandfather, George, who is in the hospital. Mar 24
  • Scott Moore has requested prayer. Mar 23
  • Kimberly’s uncle James is in the hospital and was just told his heart is only working at 20%. Doctors are saying all they can do is give him some medication. Mar 22