Let us pray for you

Your request may be edited for space or content and may be re-posted on our affiliate websites so people around the world may pray for your needs. If any or all of your request involves sensitive information that should not be published, note this in your request and it will only be sent to the pastors! Please contact us with any updates, as we are happy to share them as well.

Join others in prayer

  • From Bill: Please pray for Kandy for a healing. May 13
  • From Phillip: My boss, Joan, has been diagnosed with cancer and needs a healing. May 13
  • From Gabriela: Please pray for my husband, Curtis, he is not feeling well. May 12
  • From Todd: Please pray for my friend Rose, in Ghana, who is suffering from low blood pressure. May 11
    (Update, May 12: Thank you for your prayers, Rose is much better!)
  • From Kandi: Please pray for the pain in my right arm. May 9
  • From Michael: Please pray for my job situation and for my brother, who is struggling with his problems. May 7
  • From Ruthie: Please pray for my and Carol’s brother, who is in the hospital. May 2
  • Edmund: Poland and the United States; stirring my wife, daughter and sons for the service of the Lord; and for God’s will and wisdom. May 2
  • From Gabriela: Can you all please pray for my husband Curtis. He is in the VA Hospital for depression. Thank you all. God bless you all. Apr 30
  • From Todd: Praise report, God healed Rose in Ghana of Malaria! Thanks for your prayers saints! God is good! Apr 30
  • From Philip, Great Lakes: My coworker’s son had a stroke and needs a healing. They also need help to cover his medical expenses. Apr 29