Let us pray for you

Your request may be edited for space or content and may be re-posted on our affiliate websites so people around the world may pray for your needs. If any or all of your request involves sensitive information that should not be published, note this in your request and it will only be sent to the pastors! Please contact us with any updates, as we are happy to share them as well.

Join others in prayer

  • From Carlos: Requesting prayer for a coworker’s 6-year-old daughter, who is battling luekemia. May 11
  • Please keep Helen Akers in prayer as she continues to fight an infection from Gall Bladder surgery. Apr 28
  • Please keep Neice Rountree and her family in prayer as they mourn the passing of her father, Hubert Rountree. Apr 27
  • Please keep the Family of Pat and Carol Mahoney in prayer as they mourn of the loss of Pat’s mother. Apr 18
  • Please keep our faithful brother Jessie, of the Great Lakes fellowship, in your prayers. He is back in the hospital and needs healing that only comes by asking in faith, nothing wavering. Apr 7
  • Please keep Pat M.’s mother in prayer. She suffered a heart attack and stroke today and is in very critical condition. Apr 7
  • Please keep the family of Pastor & Liline Ulysse in prayer as they mourn the loss of her Uncle Raphael. Apr 7
  • From Jeanette: Please pray for my son George. He was sworn in today as a police officer. I pray that he upholds the public’s rights and that he is a good police officer. I pray that the Lord will keep him safe and allow him to touch peoples lives in a positive way. Thank you. Mar 30
  • From Erron: I desperately need your prayers for God to place me in a better job to serve him. God bless you all richly! Mar 23
  • Pete, Scott and Jonathan, our hearts go out to you as your family mourns the passing of patriarch and WWII veteran Charles G. Shepherd. Mar 18
  • Please pray for the family of our faithful brother Bob Heirtzler, as they mourn the unexpected passing of his mother. Mar 16
  • From Sally, FL: Please ask all to pray for strength and courage for Michael, as he is in much need of this help. Mar 12
  • Please keep Sonia and Abby’s father in prayer as he recovers from surgery and continues to fight. Mar 12
  • From Scott: Please pray for David’s health, and for me to get out of the rut I put myself in. God meet my spiritual, physical and mental needs. Mar 8
  • From Jay: Please pray for my mom, who was taken to the ER today 2/23/16 after a fall. Thank you. Feb 23
  • From Chris: Prayer request for my Uncle John in Long Island who will be having surgery to remove cancer. Feb 18
  • Prayer request for Celima, who is at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. Feb 15
  • Please pray for the family of Rich Snow. His sister Karen passed away yesterday morning in Kentucky. Feb 14
  • Keep Kandy in prayer to recover from her illness and as she mourns the recent loss of her cousin. Feb 13
  • Please pray for Juju, and for her unborn baby, both of whom need the hand of God upon them. Feb 8
  • Lana has asked for prayer for a healing for her mother. Feb 3
  • Please pray for our faithful brother Rich Snow, who is suffering from pneumonia. Jan 26
  • Please pray for JoAnne, O.D., and their mother, as she nears her passing. Jan 18
  • Prayer request for Paul’s co-worker’s mother-in-law for a healing touch as she undergoes emeregency surgery. Jan 18
  • From Alberic: Please pray for a healing touch for my coworker Kion who has pneumonia. Jan 17
  • From Bill: Please pray for Carol’s brother Paul, for a healing.  Jan 11
  • From our brother Erron: Please pray for my uncle, Michael, who has been in the hospital since last Sunday. Jan 8