Let us pray for you

Your request may be edited for space or content and may be re-posted on our affiliate websites so people around the world may pray for your needs. If any or all of your request involves sensitive information that should not be published, note this in your request and it will only be sent to the pastors! Please contact us with any updates, as we are happy to share them as well.

Join others in prayer

  • From Steven , United States: Please pray for me for a healing. Apr 4
  • From William, VA: Pray for Rose, she has extreme pain in her back and needs a healing, and her daughter Johanna is having health issues. Mar 31
  • From Gabriela, CA: Can you please pray for my friend Shawna, whose aunt passed away. Thank you. God bless you all.  Mar 30
  • From Bill, VA: Praise God, Mrs. Thomas will not need chemotheropy after her surgery!  Mar 29
  • From Joe, IL.: I want to thank all those who prayed for me while having shingles. G-d has helped me heal and I am doing well. Thanks again and may you continue to seek G-d like never before.  Mar 29
  • From Gabriela, CA: Thank you for your prayers. My first surgery went well. My next surgery is April 17th. Can you please pray that they do NOT find anything on my ultrasound, so that i will not need surgery. Thanks. God bless you all.  Mar 27
  • From Ruthie, NJ: My and Carol M.’s Mom, Eleanora, is in the hospital and needs God’s help.  Mar 26
  • From Carlos, VA: Prayer request for brother Earl.  Mar 22
  • From Scott, FL: Pray that the Lord will help me.  Mar 17
  • From Gabriela, CA: Can you please pray for my mother’s boyfriend Salvador, thanks. God bless you all.  Mar 15
  • From Jeanette, FL: A special Thank you to all who called me and encouraged me and continue to bless me with encouraging words and prayers.  I love and appreciate you all  Mar 10
  • From William, Norfolk VA: I have a prayer request for myself, please keep me in prayer. Pray for Rose she is having a lot of back pain from a bulging disc in her lower back. Mar 10
  • From Michael, CA: (Praise Report) My personal ministry is increasing!  Mar 5
  • From Gabriela, CA: Can you please pray for a healing, that I won’t need surgery. Thanks. God bless you all.  Mar 5
  • From Benjamin, Norfolk, VA: Please keep my ship in prayer – for the safety of the crew and the successful deployment. Mar 2
  • From Bill, Norfolk, VA: Please pray for Pam for a miracle for her cancer. Mar 2
  • From Chris Ulrich, Great Lakes, IL: My cousin, Terry Porter, has been diagnosed with cancer and is asking for prayer.  Thank you Feb 27