Our Mission statement is: “Evangelize, Educate, Equip. Providing Christian fellowship and spiritual support worldwide.” Christian Fellowship is an international ministry with a calling to serve the military as they serve their country. That’s why our world headquarters is in Hampton Roads, with one of the largest military populations in the country. But our church is not just for the military. Each week, service members and civilians alike come together to worship God forming a family that is excited about our faith in Jesus.

If you’re able to visit us here in Norfolk, you will find that the worship here is contemporary, and there are all kinds of people. One of the things that God has blessed us with is a lot of diversity; so if you are loud, feel free to be loud. If you are quiet, feel free to be quiet. If you are casual, feel free to be casual, and… well you get the point.

At the guest information center, you can find out all of the opportunities that are open to serve both in the church and in the community through Christian Fellowship. There are many options, so no matter what your passion, we can help you find a way to serve God with it.

Or, if you are looking to make a friend, you can find out about fellowship opportunities that are happening. Every day of the week, Christian Fellowship has something going on so you can plug in, get to know someone, and serve Jesus with them.